Haircut $8.00
Includes shampoo and light conditioning.

Haircut and Style $9.00
Shampoo plus light conditioning and classic blow dry style or roller set.

Beard or Bang trim $3.00
Trimming beard and moustache or bangs

Blow-dry with iron $8.00
Shampoo, blow dry and flat or curl iron. Long or thick hair or ringlet style curling is additional

Iron Work $8.00 (flat iron/curling iron)

Special occasion  & Up Do    $19.00 Curls (Full Head) $24.00

Basic braid is $8. If more than 2 braids, $2 per braid will be added to $8 for each additional braid/twist

Roller Set $6.00
Includes shampoo light conditioning and set

Scalp Treatment $8.00
Includes a brush relaxation, conditioning scalp cream massaged into hair, a warm dryer and rinsing. Styling not included.

Clarifying Treatment $8.00

Conditioning Treatment $10.00
Deep conditioning

Manicure $10.00
Filing, massage and polish on nails. Additional charge for nail art or French polish technique

Pedicure         $15.00
Feet will be soaked, nails filed, callused areas filed, feet massaged and nails polished. Can upgrade to a spa pedicure for an additional fee

Polish change $4.00
Basic fingernail color change and shaping. Feet will be sanitized first and charged $9.00.


French Manicure $12.00


Spa Manicure $12.00


Hot Oil Manicure $11.00

 Prices may vary based on lengths of hair and additional product used. ($12.00 per additional)


Color (begins at)        $27.00
Includes up to 4oz of color. Color retouch and all over darker applications. Additional color charge will occur once the ounces have been reached. A basic blow-dry is included.

All over color  $30.00

Highlights (begins at)   $38.00-$45.00
One color highlighting begins with 4 oz. of product and price increases as more products are needed. Two color highlighting and foils in a touch up color begins at $45 with 5oz of product and 2 colors being used. Additional length and product charges may apply

Bleach and Tone         $48.00
Lightening the hair and toning. 4 oz. of product and up to 4 oz. of toning product is included with hydrating shampoo. Extra length and density charge may apply Conditioning may be necessary and is a-la-carte

Permanent Wave (begins at)     $30.00 - $38.00
Includes shampooing, collar length hair perm, and a hair shaping.  If multiple bottles of solution or conditioning are necessary, there will be an additional charge. Long hair pricing begins at $38.00

Relaxer (begins at)        $38.00
Includes relaxing and light conditioning and a wrap, to be dried under the dryer. Styling, clipping and deep conditioning are a-la-carte services. 

Relaxer touch up        $29.00
Retouch on a relaxer with 8-10 weeks of outgrowth. Additional outgrowth may need additional product charge. Relaxer and light conditioning, a wrap style under the dryer is included.

All services are performed by supervised students -